“With raw, organic vocals, impressive instrumentation, clever, humorous lyrics, and sing-alongs that crawl into your subconscious for all eternity, Clyde’s songs are reflective of a certain ‘Texan-tricity’ that can only exist in cities like Austin. And if one were to make a list of the city’s best, they’d certainly be at the top, since they do it better than anyone else.” - Kevin Egan, vocalist, Kevin Egan is a Jerk”

kevin Egan, author, songwriter, musician, FaceBook     August 20th, 2014

"Have you ever walked into a random bar, heard a new band playing, and wondered to yourself, 'Where has this music been all my life?' Clyde has that effect on people, at least it did on me. It's that retro cool sound that you want to tell all your friends about, especially since it's soulful and sincere and with decades of experience, not just another fad. This old-time music meets folk meets blues ensemble mesmerizes upon first listen. Quirky lyrics over upbeat primal rhythms proves to be a surefire formula for fun. Music freaks will geek out about the tasteful riffs and solos layered on top. But the Average Joe will obsess about how the music makes him feel. He'll be holding back a giddy exclamation of 'YeeHaw!' or 'Hell Yeah!'. Clyde is that honest, down home, backwoods stuff that has to be captured live to be fully appreciated. I'm grateful that we had this chance encounter." - Jim Falzone, The Music Press / North of Boston Media Group

Jim Falzone, The Music Press/North of Boston Media Group      August 18th, 2014

"Pure, old school Texas street-country. Perfect for that long drive in the existential pick up on your daily commute through the aftermath of the Bush II social apocalypse. A reminder of what used to be, in the detritus formerly known as America..." -- Darryl Pestilence, Director, Dragon City - The Movie and Singer/Guitarist, BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM

Darryl Pestilence, live quote     August 16th, 2014

“Clyde is opening for Shinyribs on Sept. 26 at O'Briens Irish Pub in Temple T.W.Sullivan, talent buyer for O'Briens. recently posted....".ever so often I hear a singer or a band that really truly excites me. That is what happened several months ago when I first heard Clyde. They will be at O'Briens Irish Pub Temple, Tx next Friday, August 22, 2014. You really do not want to miss these guys they are truly a real talent. They will capture your soul. They are simply that good."”

T.W. Sullivan, FaceBook     August 13th, 2014